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Medicinal Plants of

the Southern Appalachians

This is one volume that I want to own as we enter the post-corporate age: a priceless guide to Southern plant alchemy. This practical yet enchanting botanical brings an ancient art to modernity.  These pages are as rich as the cove forests they honor. Even to peruse Howell's manual is healing, and exhilarating, not only because of the book's inherent beauty, but because it contains vital knowledge all of us will need as fossil fuels dwindle and we return to the local. One day this book may save your life.

Janisse Ray, author of Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, Wild Card Quilt, and The Seed Underground

There are many comprehensive volumes about medicinal plants in other regions of North America but none for the botanically rich southeast. Now, a widely experienced and knowledgeable herbalist has now written a thorough guide to the virtues of Yellow Root, Rabbit Tobacco, Dogwood Bark, Sweet Fern and other better known herbs of the region. From Howell’s book, readers can learn to use local plants safely and consciously to improve the health of their families or patients.
David Winston, RH (AHG), co-author of Herbal Therapies and Supplements and Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief

I often remind veterinarians that the foundation of botanical medicine lies in the experience of learning all aspects of medicinal plants thoroughly. This book guides the reader out of the classroom into the fields and forest where plants become, to the student, more tangible sources of healing. Recommended for any practitioner who wants to deepen their understanding of our native apothecary.
Susan Wynn, DVM, RH (AHG), co-author of Veterinary Herbal Medicine, Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine: Science and Tradition, and Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine: Principles and Practice.


Interested in the medicinal uses of native plants?

Whether you live in the Southern Appalachian Mountains or not, Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians by Patricia Kyritsi Howell, is an essential reference for North American herbalists.

In this book you’ll find detailed instructions for ethical harvesting and processing forty-five medicinal plants along with:

• Botanical descriptions 
• Historical and current uses in herbal practice
• Detailed, easy-to-follow medicine making instructions
• Unique recipes for syrups, liniments, digestive bitters and more
• Bloom and harvest calendars.

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Medicinal Plants  of the Southern Appalachians

by Patricia Kyritsi Howell

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Publication date: 2006. 272 pages.
ISBN 0-9774905-0-5 Price: $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping and 7% tax.